App Inventor

Starting in Summer, 2012, members of the TinkerBlocks group became members of the development team for App Inventor, a blocks-based environment used to make apps for Android phones. Previous projects include data mining of the App Inventor users, uploading pictures to picture posting sites, and a blocks to text conversion. 

Current projects:
 Cecellia (Cece) Tsui '18

Jacqueline Young '18

 Emery Gerndt Otopalik '16

End of Summer Student Presentations:
 Karishma Chadha '14, Erin Davis '14, Emily Erdman '13, Johanna Okerlund '14

Summer 2015
 Jacqueline Young '18, Cecellia Tsui '18, Emery Gerndt Otopalik '16
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