TurtleBlocks is a blocks-based version of classic Logo turtles that makes it easy to create tangible artifacts with a laser cutter or vinyl cutter.  Using TurtleBlocks, people without any previous programming or design experience can quickly make personally satisfying physical artifacts. 

For example, here's a TurtleBlocks program for drawing a star:

Here's the resulting star.

We can take the boundary of the star ...

... and then use the boundary to instruct a laser cutter to cut a star out of plastic or wood ...

... or use it to instruct a vinyl cutter to cut a star out of cardstock or adhesive-backed vinyl:

As another example, below is a TurtleBlocks sierpinski procedure for drawing Sierpinksi gaskets, and a program that invokes this procedure to draw a 5-level gasket:

Here is the drawing created by the turtle:

Here is the boundary of the drawing:

And here is a wooden artifact cut by a laser cutter from the boundary lines: